3 February 2022
Planes de Inglés en Chile

Why learning English should be a number one priority in the post-pandemic era

Amidst all the talk in recent years of Mandarin and Arabic as the new high-priority languages to learn for international professionals, it’s tempting to think that […]
3 February 2022
Fluent Slider Homepage Banner

Why learning English is even more valuable than you think!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that learning a second language can earn you more money. But how valuable is it exactly? And why […]
3 February 2022
Conoce los Planes y Precios de Fluent

How Bilingualism changes your Brain

Ever thought that people who speak more than one language must somehow have different brains to you and me? Well, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong – […]
3 February 2022
Jack CEO Fluent Language

3 reasons why learning English can secure your long-term financial future

With our online English classes and unique methodology making it easier than ever to learn, there is surely no better time to begin your language journey […]